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Chaos Deathmatch v1.11 Manual - Chaos Deathmatch Configuration File

You can find it in the root of the CHAOS directory, it is named "SETTINGS.CFG".

This file only works if you have the line "exec settings.cfg" in the autoexec.cfg of the Chaos directory!

ATTENTION!!: The Chaos-configuration works with console commands! So you don't
have to quit Quake2 anymore to ban a certain item or to set a new startup weapon! Just type the
command you have seen in the 'settings.cfg' directly into the console (e.g. "set lightsoff 1") and
restart the level! That's all! :)

- all bindings of the Chaos weapons and items...can be changed, i.e. if you want to place your
favorite feature on a different key!

- weapon and item banning/startup weapons and items: great for constructing your own game mode

(e.g. I want only explosive weapons but everyone should have the rocket launcher right from the start!)

No problem! More info about this directly in the "settings.cfg" file! Just open it with any
editor. But PLEASE make a backup copy of the original before you start to mix it up!!! :)

- the Chaos Deathmatch Server Settings

"set poisontime X" and "set blindtime X": Because of the many requests, we offer here an option
to alter the duration of the poisoning/blinding effect of the poison/flash grenades....the number
describes the time of duration in seconds!

"set lasertime X" (default 100): The duration of the lasermines, in seconds.

"set proxytime X" (default 60): The time till the nasty Proxymines self-destruct, in seconds

"set defence_turret_ammo X" (default 1000) The ammo of the's that
much because it's using Chaingun ammo and I'm sure you know how fast this is normally eaten up! :)

"set rocket_turret_ammo X" (default 120) The amount of rockets the AutoRocketTurret has on

"set dntg X" (default O) To switch the dynamic node table generation
on or off! Switch it off for internet servers!

"set stdlogfile X" (default 0) To (de)activate Gibstats Logging

"set start_invulnerable_time X" (default 3) The time in seconds you are invulnerable after
re-spawning! (This only works after you get killed, not after using a normal teleporter!) I think 
after adding this nice feature we can finally say "Bye-bye" to all those nice guys who had nothing
to do but place lasers over every spawn point! :) Try to get some normal and fair kills!

"set lightsoff X": This simple line of letters provides a full new type of quake gaming! Just
imagine if you were to blast out the fuses in the whole level, leaving only the slight glow of the
items, water, lava and sunsets. Welcome to your 'darkest' nightmare. In this playing mode,
hearing is essential and making noise is deadly! Your only friend will be your flashlight ("f" to
toggle), but beware! Friends can also become traitors. So use it wisely, or your light cone might
reveal your position.

The settings are:

0 for normal light mode

1 for more dawn-like light conditions

2 for complete darkness

One more thing: the tech powerups!
This feature can currently only be banned by using the DM-flags. If you want to
know more about this, then take a look at the "CHAOSCTF.txt" that can also be found
in the Chaos directory! Look for a string named "DF_CTF_NO_TECH"

Copyright 1998 by Chaotic Dreams