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Chaos Deathmatch v1.11 Manual - Havoc Bot v0.8 Beta

The Havoc Bot uses a node-table system  for pathfinding.
Because of a lack of time we have only included node tables for the maps chaosdm1,2,4,5,6 in Chaos Deathmatch v1.1. That does not mean that you can only play these maps with bots, because the Havoc Bots dynamically create nodes when you set dntg (dynamic-node-table-generation) in the file settings.cfg to 1. Note: Dynamically generated nodes are not as precise as the nodes included in the packages, you should check our website from time to time to get new node files for other levels.

While Havoc Bot v0.8 supports dynamic node table generation (generation while you play against the bots) building quality node
table files needs more care and time. Read the file 'nodetable.txt' in the chaos directory for a small node table generation tutorial.

The Havoc Bot is a totally new bot written from scratch.

"sv addbots <amount> <skill> <team> <name> <model/skin>"

    is used to add bots to the game. All arguments are optional, use just 
    "sv addbots 5" for example to add 5 standard bots or "sv addbots 4 4 1"
    to add 5 level 4 bots to team 1.

"sv killbot <name>"

    is used to disconnect the bot <name> from the game. 
    Use "sv killbot all" to disconnect all bots.

"join_team <team_number>"

    is used to join a certain bot team.
    Team "0" means neutral. Players are in team 0 on startup.

You can easily write up nice bot config files by building little bot.cfg
files that can be executed in the console. 
Have a look at b4.cfg as an example for a bot configuration.
Use "exec name.cfg" to execute a certain bot config in-game.

Copyright 1998 by Chaotic Dreams