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Chaos Deathmatch v1.11 Manual - Binding List


For all those who want to modify our whole mod, or just want an overview of all the commands, here's a summary:
(Again, first the single weapon and then, the place the binding for the whole weapon group is placed.
The 'X' stands for any extra key you want to use for this weapon.)

Bastard Broadsword '2'    bind X "use bastard sword"
bind 2 "cmd class2"
Chainsaw '2'    bind X "use chainsaw"
bind 2 "cmd class2"
Explosive SuperShotgun '3'    bind X "use explosive super shotgun"
bind 3 "cmd class3"
Crossbow '4'    bind X "use crossbow"
bind 4 "cmd class4"
Poison Crossbow '4'    bind X "use poison crossbow"
bind 4 "cmd class4"
Explosive Crossbow '4'    bind X "use explosive crossbow"
bind 4 "cmd class4"
Airgun '5'    bind X "use airgun"
bind 5 "cmd class5"
Flash Grenade 'g'    bind X "use flash grenades"
bind g "cmd grenades"
Poison Grenade 'g'    bind X "use poison grenades"
bind g "cmd grenades"
Laser Mine 'g'    bind X "use laser mines"
bind g "cmd grenades"
Flash Grenade Launcher '6'    bind X "use flash grenade launcher"
bind 6 "cmd class6"
Poison Grenade Launcher '6'    bind X "use poison grenade launcher"
bind 6 "cmd class6"
Proximity Mine Launcher '6'    bind X "use proxy mine launcher"
bind 6 "cmd class6"
'p' to deactivate/activate
bind p "togglegrenades"
Guided Missile Launcher '7'    bind X "use homing missile launcher"
bind 7 "cmd class7"
Buzz Saw '9'    bind X "use buzzsaw"
bind 9 "cmd class9"
The Gravity Vortex '0'    bind X "use gravity vortex"
bind 0 "cmd class0"
The Automatic Sentry Turrets '0'    bind X "use automatic defence turret"
'0'    bind X "use automatic rocket turret"
bind 0 "cmd class0"
Grappling Hook 'END'        bind END "cmd grapple"
              // grapple shoot/stop/release

'PAGE UP'    bind PGUP "cmd grapple shrink"
              // for climbing up the chain

'PAGE DOWN'  bind PGDN "cmd grapple grow"
              // for sliding down the chain
Camera bind F5 camera 1 - Intelli Cam
bind F6 camera 2 - Chase Cam
bind F7 camera 3 - Birdview Chase Cam
bind F8 camera 4 - TV Cam
bind F4 camera 0 - Switch back to normal player mode
Tele Zoom 'Z'    bind z "zoom 1"
// to zoom in
'X'    bind x "zoom 0"
// the 'BOSS' key
Flashlight 'F'    bind f "cmd flashlight"
Antigrav Belt 'B'    bind b "cmd belt"
Scanner 'S'    bind s "cmd scanner"
The Faked Death 'A'    bind a "cmd fakedeath"
Jet Pack 'J'     bind j "use jetpack"
Tech Powerups 'D'    bind d "drop tech"
The 'Kick' Function 'KP_INS'  bind ins "cmd kick"
The Manual Vomit 'V'    bind v "throwup"
The Personal Teleporter 'O'    bind o "cmd teleport"
The Kamikaze Mode 'K'    bind k "cmd kamikaze"


Copyright 1998 by Chaotic Dreams