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Chaos Deathmatch v1.11 Manual - Weapons Part 3

The Homing Missile Launcher

This is a new kind of ammo for the normal Rocket Launcher, it is easily recognizable by the blue shining stripes. We just added a heat seeking rocket head for extra fun! Excellent if you want to play at being a flak cannon against those Jet Pack users or want to knock down another players turret!

Homing Missle
Command for weapon class: Command for weapon
bind 7 "cmd class7"

Predefined key: "7"

bind X "use homing missile launcher"

Predefined key: none

The Buzz Saw

Did you ever see the scene in 'Gremlins' where poor Billy meets the flying buzzsaw blades? (Wide grin) That's a typical 'Want-To-Have-In-My-Favorite-Game'! weapon And here it is: the famous Buzz Saw Gun! The best part is, the blades are reflected from walls and doors, but NOT from other players! They will go straight through, leaving the enemy pretty confused about the funny sound they heard before saying goodbye. So what have we learned? BEWARE of standing in small rooms if an opponent is in the hallway with a Buzzsaw!

Command for weapon class: Command for weapon
bind 9 "cmd class9"

Predefined key: "9"

bind X "use buzzsaw"

Predefined key: none

The Gravity Vortex

Now we're at the part of "Ancient Weapons With Mystical And Unimaginable Powers": Here's our new favorite sucker (you can take that literally :) The two rings look kind of unspectacular at first....BUT!! Ummm...let me put it this way: throw it and RUN!!! Two seconds after hitting the ground, this devil will start to "vacuum" and compress its surroundings into ONE point...items, weapons, PLAYERS!! (Anyone who has seen "The Arrival" knows what I mean) So, for the next 15 seconds, haul ass and stay out of its way!
(It has approximately 100 feet of pull radius :)

Gravity Vortex
Command for weapon class: Command for weapon
bind 0 "cmd class0"

Predefined key: "0"

bind X "use gravity vortex"

Predefined key: none

The Automatic Sentry Turrets

Here is our second group of "Helpers from Hell": the cute (and brutally effective) Automatic Sentry Turrets! There are two different versions available: the Automatic Defense Turret, which uses two nice internal chainguns and the Automatic Rocket Turret, shooting nasty
triple mini-rockets. Both are very hard to find, but if you have one of them, you're lucky... They are ideal e.g. for guarding your base in CTF and they shoot 'til they get killed or their ammo runs out...
(But carefully consider the place you put it... because only three turrets can exist at the same time in one level!)  

BTW: Watch out that you don't accidentally hit 'em with a this case their emergency sub-routine will start, and fire at their attacker (..EVEN YOU!! :) Got it? Also a nice feature: they love to hunt enemy Proxy Grenades! :) But beware: due to the fact that Proxy grenades also attack Turrets a whole bunch of proxies is an  ideal "Anti-Turret" weapon!!

And now a special tip for all those weepers who don't know how to kill them:
- Don't, DON'T, attack them directly. If there's a turret near you, run and strafe like hell!
- Rockets are a good weapon to get 'em. Hide behind a wall and strafe, shoot, strafe! Ok?
  (Homing Missiles are even better! :)
- The ideal weapon against the Turrets (like I already wrote) are the Proxies!
  A little swarm of them will get a undefended turret with very little effort!
- If you have a LOT of armor and a shield you can try to crack an already groggy turret with    the Broadsword or the Chainsaw.  Works just like a can opener :)
- And: other turrets! If you have one, then place it near the enemy turret.
  They always attack other turrets that aren't from the same player/team!

Command for weapon class: Command for weapon
bind 0 "cmd class0"

Predefined key: "0"

bind X "use automatic defense turret"
bind X "use automatic rocket turret"

Predefined key: none


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