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Chaos Deathmatch v1.11 Manual - Chaos Capture The Flag

IMPORTANT: If you want to play CTF games you have to copy the file pak0.pak from your Quake2 ThreeWave CTF directory into a neutral folder, rename it
to "pak9.pak" and move it to your Chaos directory.

You can change the game mode (DM or CTF) in game by typing "ctf 0" or "ctf 1" in the console and then restarting the level.

(..some text sections are taken from the readme file of the Quake II ThreeWave Capture the Flag Modification and have been rewritten...thanx to Zoid and the other guys for a REALLY great Mod!!)

Red Flag

For all who don't know what CTF is: you have two teams, red & blue, and two separate bases for each team within one map, with the team flags placed somewhere deeply down their bowels. The mission is to attack the enemy base, grab their flag, then take it back to your base. In this variation you must touch your base flag when carrying the enemy flag in order to score - if your flag isn't at your base when you return, you or your team must get it back to gain points and captures. When you connect to a CHAOS CTF server, you will either be automatically assigned to a team or you will be in an invisible spectator mode where you can select your team. You can change teams later on by using the "team" command and selecting red or blue in the console - for example, "team red" will change to red team. You spawn at your team's base. If you die, you are not spawned at the base, but at one of the deathmatch start spots randomly placed in the level. If you pick up the enemy flag, you must return to base and touch your flag in order to score. Note that if you get back to the base, your flag might not be there if the other team has it! Get the rest of your team to go frag the enemy player and get your flag back! When a player carrying the enemy flag touches his flag he completes a successful capture. He gets a bonus of 15 points, and everyone on his team gets 10 points. If you kill an opposing team player who has your flag he drops it, earning yourself 2 points. If you touch your flag, it will teleport back to your base, giving you 1 point as a recovery bonus. This gives base defenders a reward for guarding their flag. Since everyone starts at their base after level change or joining the game, the team will have to work out who is going to go on offense to try to get the enemy flag, and who will play defense by staying at base and guarding their own flag.

The server configuration: due to the fact that CHAOS DM CTF is based on Zoid's ThreeWave CTF, the same deathmatch flags are used.
They are:

DF_CTF_FORCEJOIN    131072   
DF_CTF_NO_TECH     524288

The DF_CTF_FORCEJOIN option will cause players joining the server to automatically be assigned to a team (no menu or spectator mode is available). DF_ARMOR_PROTECT may be set to cause your attacks to not harm teammates' armor (health protect is always on). DF_CTF_NO_TECH turns off the Tech Powerups.

DF_CTF_FORCEJOIN    131072   
DF_CTF_NO_TECH     524288

For example, say you wish to configure a server with weapons stay, instant items, spawn farthest, force respawn, quad drop, and armor  protect, you would use:

4 + 16 + 512 + 1024 + 16384 + 262144 = 280084

Then you would run the server as:

quake2 +set game chaos +set ctf 1 +set deathmatch 1 +set dmflags 935444 +map ctf1
(add a +set dedicated 1 for dedicated servers).

A sample server.cfg file is included for server operators that set default modes. Server operators just run:

quake2 +set game chaos +exec server.cfg
(add a +set dedicated 1 for dedicated servers).

The ThreeWave CTF Levels:
There are 5 levels integrated into the (to "pak1.pak" renamed)  CTF pack file. They are as follows:

q2ctf1 - McKinley Revival
q2ctf2 - Stronghold Opposition
q2ctf3 - The Smelter
q2ctf4 - Outlands
q2ctf5 - Capture Showdown

There's also an additional feature which is now also working in normal DM: It's the new 'id' command that enables player identification display. Type "id" in the console to turn it on. Then whoever you are looking at will be displayed on the HUD. The display is <name>\<model>/<skin>.

Copyright 1998 by Chaotic Dreams