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Aim & Storyline

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The aim of the game is to destroy the demon Skorne. To do this, you have to become 1 of the 4 characters and find 4 keys and 12 hidden rune stones. The characters are a Valkyrie, a Warrior, a Wizard and an Archer. You receive the keys when you defeat the bosses of the 4 realms. The bosses are the Dragon in the Mountain Realm, the Chimera in the Castle Realm, the Spider Queen in the Forest Realm and the Genie in the Desert Realm. The realm stones are hidden in the 4 realms and there are 3 in each realm. Once you get the keys you can go to the Desecrated Temple and then the Altar of Skorne to kick Skorne's butt! When you beat Skorne and you don't have the rune stones you have to go back and find them then you can go to the Underworld and fight Skorne again. After that you have finished the game and you get a vacation and then you start all over again with the runestones but without the 4 keys.


This is how I think the storyline or plot goes: A great evil has descended upon the Four Realms. A foolish young wizard has freed the mighty demon Skorne, who for centuries has been held at bay by twelve mystical Rune Stones. Skorne, unable to destroy the Rune Stones, has cast them to the far corners of the great land. Empowered by his magic Gauntlets, Skorne calls forth his evil minions. Goblins, golems, and undead in seemingly infinite numbers swarm the Realms as Skorne embarks on a reign of terror to turn the once beautiful land into his terrifying playground.Just when things look blackest, four brave young heroes take up the cause of righteousness. To restore their land, they must find and assemble all twelve Runes, defeating all obstacles in their path. Laying in wait are the great Dragon, Chimera, Djinn, and Spider Queen - four legendary forces of evil who have joined sides with Skorne. The champions must finally journey to the secret Fifth Realm, where they will find if they have what it takes to overthrow the rule of Skorne. Gauntlet begins as the story of two brothers, both wizards. One is a good wizard, keeper of peace across the Four Realms. The other brother is foolish, and jealous of his brother's power.The Good Wizard is keeper of the The Twelve Mystical Rune Stones, ancient relics of power that together function as both portal and barrier. With the Runes, the Good Wizard can travel at will between the Four Realms. These Runes were kept safe in the Good Wizard's tower keep while he roamed the Four Lands.Jealous of his brother's status and power, the Foolish Wizard searches for a way to obtain power of his own. When the Good Wizard is away on a task, the Foolish Wizard steals into the keep and attempts to use the Runes to summon a powerful demon, confident he can force the evil creature to do his bidding. Underestimating the demon's power, the demon Skorne banishes him to the Underworld. Skorne then tears asunder the circle of Runes, and hides the pieces in the far corners of the Four Realms so that they may never be used against him.Skorne proceeds to summon his minions from the Underworld and sends them off to the Four Realms to drive the populace from their homes and establish a stronghold of power. Skorne enlists the aids of powerful evil beings that have been kept at bay by the humans - the Dragon, Chimera, Djinn, and Spider Queen form a vile alliance. The Good Wizard returns later to find the land in chaos. He battles Skorne and forces the Demon Prince to retreat to an abandoned cathedral. The Wizard's power is greatly taxed and he cannot enter the protected lair. Skorne has entrusted each of his greater minions with a magic key. Only these keys can break the wards of protection surrounding the cathedral. The Good Wizard uses his remaining power to summon a hero from each of the four kingdoms. He sends them off to defeat Skorne's minions, retrieve the keys to Skorne's lair, and recover the scattered rune-stones. With the keys, the heroes can enter Skorne's lair and banish him to the Underworld. Then, using the rune-stones, the heroes can follow Skorne to the Underworld and destroy him forever. Only then will the torturous reign of Skorne end, and the beauty of the Four Realms restored.