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There are many new items in Gauntlet Legends that weren't in the other Gauntlets. You gain many items in the game, through buying it, picking it up or in barrels and chests. Most items help you and you can find out what they do in this section and how common they are. Money is called gold in this game. It shows you how much you have on the game screen next to your health. There are lots of opportunities to increase your wealth. There are treasure chests all over the levels containing gold. Gold can also be found lying around. The bosses also give you gold when you defeat them. There are also secret bonus stages where it is filled with gold.

Value of gold

In this section I will talk about the gold you get in the game. You use it to buy items. I will tell you about what it looks like and how much each is worth
Treasure Chests:100
Gold on Ground(Yellow):100
Gold on Ground(Different colours):200
Coins in Bonus Stages
Bronze Coins:50
Silver Coins:100
Gold Coins:500

Shop Items

In this section I will talk about the items you can get at the shop. Later I will also talk about items you can pick up. You can buy items after each stage you finish. I will talk about how much each item costs, what they do and their rarity.

Keys:250Opens doors, gates, treasure chests. You can carry 9 keys at one timeVery Common
Potions:350Press Magic to use these. Comes in 4 varieties, Yellow:Light, Green:Acid, Blue:Lightning and Red:Fire. You can carry a max of 9 of theseVery Common
Reflective Shot:450When you use a ranged attack and it hits a wall it will rebound in a random directionUncommon
Growth:600Makes you grow to the size of an golem/elementalUncommon
Strength:800Increases your strength attribute by 5. Increases the damage you do to enemiesShop only item
Speed:800Increases your speed attribute by 5. Increases rate of attack and how fast you runShop only item
Armor:800Increases your armor attribute by 5. Decreases the amount of damage you takeShop only item
Magic:800Increases your magic attribute by 5. Increases the amount of damage a potion does and the radius of itShop only item
Reflective Shield:1000It bounces projectiles(Arrows, bombs, fireballs)back to the originatorRare item
Three-way Shot:1200Makes your ranged attack be split into threeCommon item
Phoenix Familiar:1300A yellow bird follows you around and spits fireballs when you use your ranged attackRare item
Rapid Fire:1400Makes your ranged attack about 5 times faster and your close attack extremely fastUncommon
Thunder Hammer:1500When you press attack button, the character slams the hammer into the ground killing all enemies, generators and opens barrels. Only can be used 3 timesRare item
Electric Shield:1600Sends a lightning bolt to any enemy in front of itRare item
Firewall Shield:1800When moving a wall of fire appears in front of you killing any enemies you walk intoRare item
Gold Invulnerability:2000Makes you take no damage from anything. Stops health decreasing. When hit you gain lifeVery Rare item

Level Items

This section I will talk about the items you can pick up in the levels. I will also talk about what they look like, what they do and their rarity.

Fruit:Apple,Banana,PineappleGives you 50 healthVery Common Item
Meat:Steak,Chicken LegGives you 100 health. When you are Pojo do not eat this because it is posionous food for him and takes away 50 health.Very Common Item
X-Ray glasses:GlassesLets you see what is inside barrels and chestsCommon Item
Pojo Egg:Egg with top coming off and light insideTurns you into the chicken Pojo(From Mace:Dark Ages).He shoots fireballs and turbo attacks are breath attacks. Also cannot use magic when you are PojoRare Item
Anti-Death Power:HaloWhen you go near death he will run away from you.Touch him and you can drain 100 health from himVery Rare Item
Fire,Lightning and Acid Breath:Cloud of fire,lightning or acidMakes you breath out fire in a 90 degree arc in front of you. Pretty Powerful.Uncommon Item
Fire,Lightning,Light and Acid Amulet:Ball of fire,lightning,light or acidMakes your attack have and added fire,lightning,light or acid element to itUncommon Item
Five-way Shot:Spinning Icon with 5 pointsMakes you ranged attack to split into fiveVery Rare Item
Silver Invulnerability:Cube of white energyMakes you take no damage from anything. Stops health decreasingRare Item
Winged Shoes/Boots of Speed:Shoes with wingsMakes you get a huge increase in speedUncommon Item
Super Shot:Huge Crossbow with a big yellow arrowMakes your attacks more powerful. Shots can go through enemiesRare Item
Limited Levitation:Pair of white wingsLets you walk over traps without getting hurtVery Rare Item
Limited Invisibility:Spinning clear white pikeMakes you invisible to enemies so they can't see youVery Rare Item
Shrink Enemies:Spinning PikeShrinks enemies to half their size and their attacks are minimisedRare Item
Time Stopper/Hour Glass:Hour GlassTime stops and everything stops including enemies except you. Hour Glass appears to tell you how much time you have leftRare Item
Poison Food:Green Apple with skull and crossbones on itTakes 50 health awayVery Rare Item
It:Floating Yellow ballWhen you touch it a sign saying IT will be stuck on you. Makes enemies attack you before anyone else. Touch another player to transfer it to them???

Skorne Items

These items can only be obtained when you beat Skorne in the Temple Realm. I will tell you what it looks like and what it does.

Horns of Skorne:Horns that Skorne wearsIt is like fire breath. Lasts a long time
Mask of Skorne:Mask that Skorne wearsIt is like fire breath. Lasts a long time
Gauntlets of Skorne:Gauntlets of Skorne. One has a green gem and one has a blue gemLets you throw fireballs of either green or blue depending on which gem you chose. Lasts a long time but not as long as mask and horns. Pretty powerful