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Rune Stone Locations

This section is about Rune Stones and where they are located. I will tell you what stage they are in and a detailed description on how to locate it. Also if you have finished a stage and haven't found a Rune Stone for that level, the next time you go back there will be a thermometer in the top right corner(only in arcade version). This is the Rune Stone Thermometer and it has a range from hot to cold on it. The nearer you are to a rune stone the hotter the thermometer will show. The further away you are to a rune stone the colder the thermometer will show. There are 12 runestones in the arcade version while there is 13 in the N64 version.

Arcade Runestones

Mountain Realm
Peak: Go up a few hills and you will be at a clearing with a path to the south, south east and east. There will see a big statue with a barrel in front of it. Be careful because Death is in the barrel. Just use magic to turn him into fruit. Just destroy the statue, rune stone is behind it.
Cliffs: Don't enter the first exit but bypass it. Continue on the path above the exit. You will know if you are on the right path if you fight an elemental/golem. Keep on the path and when you get to two rope bridges go across them. As soon as you get off the bridges go north towards the rock wall. Hit it and destroy it and there will be a Rune Stone behind it.
Cavern: Don't enter the first exit you come upon. When you get near the second exit, it will be a T intersection. On the right is two elementals/golems. Go left and fight the monsters and hit and destroy the left most wall. There is a rune stone behind it.

Castle Realm
Dungeon: You can see it hanging in a cage when you start the stage. To get it down you go down the stairs until you reach the part where it splits in direction. Go on the stairs that go down and backwards. Go left across the log bridge and fight the elemental/golem. Then go right and down. Step on the trap switch and go back the way you came across the log bridge. The Rune Stone inside the cage should be coming down. Go in the cage and grab it.
Armoury: At the start of the level go right. Go down the stairs, across the blades trap(red barrel and rat mound near it), go down and step on the trap switch. A wall will go down and an elemental/golem will wake up. Defeat it and go to the wall under the stairs and hit and destroy it. There is a rune stone there.
Treasury: Find a room with a throne in it. When you get there walk down the stairs. Then turn right or go up and keep going. You will reach a room that has an alter with a box on it in the middle of it with stairs surrounding it. Death is also there. In the box is a rune stone so go up there and destroy it.

Forest Realm
Roots: After the first wood and vine elevator, go northwest. Kill the elemental/golem . You will then come to a big tree stump in the middle of a clearing. Hit the stump a number of times to destroy it and get the rune stone.
Tree: After you find a barrel with Death inside it, go right. You will find a trap switch that reveals a hidden bridge. If you are playing by yourself you will have to make and enemy step on the bridge when you press it and then turbo to the other side before the monster gets off the bridge. If you are playing with 2 or more players just get one preson to step on the switch while the others cross and then make someone on the other side step on the other switch while the other person crosses. There will be a tree which rises out of the ground and has a cut in it. Step on the switch there. Then walk to the right across the big leaf. Then walk on the branch that rises to the right. You should be able to see the rune stone should be on a platform.
Branches: After crossing the tree stump path and see a stump by itself, continue up to the right. You should see two archers guarding a wall. Kill the archers and destroy the wall they were guarding and you will get a rune stone.

Desert Realm
Ruins: After the first exit there will stairs that lead you into water. Go down them. Go left and then down until you reach a locked door. Open it and walk to the platform. The rune stone will then rise up so you can get it.
Temple: When you get to a big clearing that has a statue in the middle of it and has four blue switches with light coming out of them in each corner. Step on each of them to turn the lighs off and turn them dark blue. When all have been stepped on the statue will have disappeared and there will be a rune stone in its place. There may be a sleeping death next to it or it may be awake.
Pyramid: This is the most difficult rune stone to find!! Good Luck on finding it on your own!! If you find it on your own you are a legend!!!! It takes a very long time to find it. After you fight the first mob of enemies, go towards a slanted path with sand on the bottom of it. Then open both of the locked doors. Step on the trap switch and then go back down and around the catwalk. Then walk down the slope where the catwalk ends and down another slope. You should see a fence/wall with a treasure chest, archer and a trap swtich behind it. Then walk down/south towards the screen. You should see another trap switch and enemy generators. Step on the trap switch and then go back where you saw the fence/wall. The trap switch you just activated made it fall down. Now go step on the trap switch and walk down on the left side. You should be walking through a gate under a passage way. Continue walking on the left side and you will know you are on the right path if you see a room with Death in the center. Keep going until you see a spike trap. Then further on you will see a key, a sloped path, a yellow potion, another sloped path and then a platform where there are enemies on it. The rune stone is behind a wall behind the spikes at the left/west most point of the platform.

N64 Runestones

Mountain Realm
Peak: The barrel to the right of the starting position has poison in it, don't eat it obviously. Take the lower path at the start, follow it around until you see two generators, between these is a rock-like covering, shoot it to reveal a switch and some gold. Just beyond this is a split in the road with 3 ways to go, go to top-right path and follow it around, this way you'll avoid Death. At the next split, take the upper path. At the top is an obelisk just sitting nicely in the corner. After hitting it, again take the upper path. You'll soon see a path leading up, take it. Follow this path (ignore the path that shows up going right) until you reach a large open area, here you'll meet your first Golem. A turbo attack or two should take him down, just keep retreating, attacking, retreating etc. When he's dead, return the open area and take the lower right path. Continue on this path until you see a light brown rock in the wall, shoot it to uncover the first Rune Stone.
Cave: Go down/right, then down immediately. The screen will rotate, continue walking straight (you will be holding right on the control stick. When the road splits (just past the barrel with the message) go left and hit the switch. Where the switch is pointing is a lightly colored rock, shoot it and walk through, there is another switch towards the top of the screen, hit it then head back to the starting area. This time, go right instead of down/right, you should see a bomb-carrier run towards you if you went the right way, there will also be a lava trail on the left part of the screen, follow this path. When it forks, go left around the rock, hit the switch to raise the Runestone, and continue to the left. Follow the crack in the ground until hit the big black rock with a torch on it. Go around this rock to the point where the crack stops, turn right and shoot the rock to continue, hit the switch at the end and return to the crack. At the crack, go up. Go right around the flame then go left, when you see the exit, don't go in it, walk past it to get the Runestone you raised before, now, turn back and go to the exit.
Cavern: For awhile you have no choice but to follow the path you start on, when you see an open area with a red barrel continue straight. Shoot the big blue stone ahead to reveal a switch, return to the red barrel area and take the other path. Walk straight across the make-shift bridge to a barrel, break it and hit the switch underneath, then go right. Follow this path until the road forks (there are 4 red barrels), here go left. In the next "room" go down, shoot the rock, hit the switch, then go up. Next room, go left, shoot the mountain wall, go in, hit the switch, go back to the right. If you get to the exit, you've gone too far, back up one "room" go down, then go right. There is a switch under a barrel here, ignore it for now, continue on. Cross the little bridge, turn left, shoot wall, hit the switch, continue on, hit another switch, grab the Runestone.

Castle Realm
Courtyard: Go down, hit the switch, go through the door, go right, hit the switch in the corner, go back left and through the locked door. At the end of the hallway turn left, then go down you'll see a bunch of sticks in the ground, go around to the backside, walk in, shoot the rock, take the Runestone.
Dungeon: At the stairs, go down not straight, hit a hidden wall panel at the base to reveal a switch. Get the money in the corner to hit a second switch, go back up, take the stairs you skipped before. At the base of these stairs, go down to hit another switch. Go back to the other stairs and go down those again, cross the acid pool at the bottom this time. Hit all the switches you see, cross over using the 2 player switch and hit the switch there too. Go down from that switch to hit a 3rd switch, then go up through the gate and turn left, hit the switch on the bridge and continue, you should be back and the 2 sets of stairs. Turn up, shoot, hit switch, take Runestone.
Armoury: Go left through the locked door. Hit the green switch, go back right, hit the switch here, go back left, hit the switch, go right again, hit the switch, now follow the arrow down the stairs. Go to the right of the base of the stairs and hit the switch, return to the base of the stairs and go down. Go straight across the disappearing platform then go left. There will be a Golem and a switch eventually, hit it and turn around and go back right, when you hit the white wall, turn left, follow around this corner, go up next to the Golem, through the locked door and down the stairs at the end. There is a switch in the wall directly down from these stairs, hit it and return to the start of the level to grab the Runestone.

Town Realm
Cemetary: Hit the switch under the barrel on the left, go up through the gates, hit the switch under the barrel in the middle of the back of the group of gravestones, this will open the gate to the next area at the top, go there. The switches around the gravestones just raise some graves to give you items. Follow this path until you reach another set of gravestones, the switch you need to hit is in the rear-middle again, behind a tree. There is a switch is the small house in the right-hand part of this area which raises some graves to give more items. Go to the left when you are ready. Follow this path until you get stopped, on the left is a switch which opens a path to the right, go there. Hitting the switch under the barrel in here opens the door that was locked before, go through that door. Here, shoot the doors on either side of you to open up items and switches. One switch drops the platform that was raised in the room before, go back and hit that switch to open the door on the first little houses which leads to the Runestone.
Spire: Go down and left, shoot the door on the house, hit the switch. Go back to the start, go through the locked door. Head to the rear-left of this area and go up the ramp, at the split in the ramp, cross the bridge. Follow the platform until it ends, go left and down (the ramp may be hard to see, but it's there). At the bottom of the ramp go down/right and start shooting, you'll uncover a switch. Hit the switch and go back up the ramp to the previously locked door, there is a switch there now, hit it and go back down the ramp. NOTE: there are two ramps, you may use either of them any time I say "use the ramp." Go straight down from the ramp endings through the previously locked door then go left. Shoot the door of the house and hit the switch, go back to the ramps, go up the one on the right (not the one you came in) turn right and continue down the path and cross the bridge. Go right and up the second ramp, at the top, turn left, hit the switch and go back down the ramp. The switch in the grate should now be raised, hit it and go back up the ramp, this time go right. Hit a third switch go back down the ramp again go down/right from the ramp base to find a final switch which raises the Runestone right in front of you.
Airship: Climb the ropes to hit the first switch after shooting out the light color boxes. Follow this path for a long time, eventually you'll end up on the ship. Go up the first stairs you see, climb across the ropes to find two switch, hit them and return, then take the lower stairs. When you get stopped by crates, go down to find a pathway. At the base of the pathway, take the rope net back up walk across the crates, hitting the switch on the way. Continue until you can go no further, then shoot the crates in front of you, tada, a Runestone.

Ice Realm
Docks: Go across the dock, then go left through the locked door. There is a covered switch when you get "stuck". Hit it and continue, the switch on the other side has no effect but to raise the platform you're already on. Cross the plank, either one because one doesn't take you anywhere but to a key and continue. Hit the 2P switch and continue. Keep holding down as you cross the bridge, follow on this path until the locked door, go through it. Eventually the road will fork, take the path leading up, it will be to the left of you before the screen rotates. Follow this to the next locked door, open it and go left as far as you can. There will be a Golem, kill it and cross the dock near him. At the end of the dock turn around and shoot the middle crate, hit the switch and follow it. Hit the new switch and go back to the locked door where you went left the first time. Go left this time as far as possible, shoot the crate here to start a chain of rising switches, keep hitting them. At the end of this chain, turn right, shoot the wall at the end, hit the switch and continue left on the path. When you hit the green torch, go to the top of the screen and climb the mountain, cross the tracks and go right. At the end of this path you'll find the Runestone.
Camp Go up/right, there is a switch under a crate, hit it and follow to where it points. Hit the switch here in the corner and go down. Hit this switch and step on the ice it raises. Step on the ice on the other side and ride it to the top. Go right. Go through the locked door inside the two fences, hit the switch and take the lower path. You will see a gate with two treasure chests inside, go in and hit the switch (it may be covered, if you can't see it, shoot to the right.) After hitting it continue on the path. When the path widens, stay towards the left, go through the locked door. This door will be called "the locked door near the middle of the level" for future reference. Go up until you hit the train tracks, then go left, shoot the big thing of ice, hit the switch and continue left. Hit the next switch, then go back right, past the hill where you came up to find the next switch. After hitting this, go back down the hill where a new switch will be opened up, hit it and go where it points, down the hill. At the base of the hill, go right and cross at the 2P switch. Follow this until you hit a switch just past a red barrel. Go up the hill here, hit the next switch, then return to the base of the hill and go left, across the plank. Now go down and go right across the next plank, hit the switch. Cross the plank again and go left through the locked door in the middle of the level, follow the mountain on the right until you hit a switch. Now, return to the plank (go down, then right) but instead of crossing it go up, there will be a new switch, hit it and follow it to the right. Go back up the hill, hitting the switch on the far right, follow the ice trail that raises. When you hit the pair of tracks, take the path that leads left. Immediately past the 2 red barrels, right before the tracks turn into a bridge for a second time, there is a small, almost clear patch of ice to the right, take it. At the top it a switch, hit it and return to the tracks. Continue the direction you were going until you get back to the area that had the three switches before, there should be a crate on the side of the tracks, shoot it to make a ramp and come down. Go down the hill, continue down to the locked door in the middle of the level, hit the switch just below it and go back up to the clear ice path, you can go either the way you just came or the way mapped before, they are about the same distance. At the top of the clear ice, turn right, shoot the ice, grab the Runestone.
Mine: Follow until the bridge on the right, take it, hit the switch, go back towards the start, you'll see a hill on the left, go up. Go right at the top of the hill, go in the pit, hit the switch and continue right. Ignore the next switch you see and continue. DO hit the next switch, then go back left, another hill will be on the left, use it. Atop the hill, go right, since you can't go left, seems logical. There are two switches to hit, after doing so, go back and step into the waterfall to hit a third switch, go back to where you couldn't go before, now you can. Hit the switch, go up the platform. At the end of the bridge, go right. Head up the little ramp, hit the switch and go back left. Take the platform that is straight up from the water fall. Take the next platform up too. Head down the ramp at the end here, hit the switch at the base, then go back to the last platform, ride it down then go through the newly opened door. At the end of this bridge, go right, hit the switch then go back to the bridge and continue left. Continue past the teleporter at first, hit the switch, then take the teleporter. Ignore the platform at first, cross the bridge, hit the switch, now take the platform up. Go up through the ice wall and to the left, hit the switch behind the ice then go right, hit the switch, then go back to the ice wall and to the right across the bridge to the right. Continue straight, past the switch in the water, through the locked door and hit the switch at the end of the bridge. Go back and hit the switch in the water now, then go where it points, down the bridge, and go left. Hit the switch you see here, continue left, hit the switch and grab the Runestone.

Battle Field Realm
Fortress: Follow the path until you get to the clearing where you have various ways to go. Go up to the ramp to the left. Hit the switch there. Go back to the bottom of the ramp & now go through the middle path. The gate to your left should be open now. Go through & go left. Follow the path until you reach the bridge. Go across it. The main bridge should collapse in the middle so go up the little one to the left. You need a key to open this door so get one, there should be one somewhere in this stage. Once you go up hit the switch there. The door near the spikes should be gone now. Now go back down, go back across the bridge & now turn left. And you should see where the gate was lowered. THere should be spikes in front of it. Now go past the lowered gate. Follow the path that takes you across the bridge. There should be 2 bridges next to each other. When you get to the landing there should be a little wood bridge next to that main bridge that collapsed. Go down that. Then go left & when you reach the end there should be a barrel there. Hit it & a switch is under it. Hit the switch & go back. Instead of turning right to go back where you came from go straight along the bridge. Turn left & opoen the gate needing a key. Follow the path. Then cross the little wooden bridge at the end of the path. Hit the switch there it will open the gate that has 2 spike traps in front of it & that you saw just before you went along the path. Now go back & you will see gate has lowered & that monsters are pouring out. Go through there. Turn right & keep going until you see another gate with 2 spikes in front of it. Go through the gate & go straight. Then turn left when you see a spike trap. Follow the path. Then hit the switch to make the lift lower. Go up it. Then go right & hit the switch there. Then go straight along the path. Keep on going until you reach a teleportation platform. Go in it. Follow the path & open the key door. Keep on going straight & hit the switch to raise the lift. Follow the path until you reach another teleportation platform. hit the switch behind it & go in. Follow the path again. When you reach the bottom of the ramp, don't go up the next ramp. Instead, go to the left it to find another teleporter behind a spike trap, go in it. hit the switch & go back in the teleport. Now you can go up the ramp. Now go straight past that bar of wood & hit the weird looking colour wall. The runestone should be yours for the taking.