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Arcade cheats:

Secret Characters:
Minotaur, Jackal, Falconess, Tigeress: When you get to level 10 you can activate this cheat. When you go to the character selection screen, hold turbo down. You will see the portrait of your character change to the secret one.
Pojo: Enter "EGG" and "911" as password.
Nude Valkryie: Enter "NUD" and "069" as password. Make sure you choose the Valkyrie because it doesn't work for the others.

N64 cheats:

Secret Characters:
Minotaur: In the third mountain level(Cliff), find every switch and the go to the area with the exit. Instead of going through the exit go left and stand on the door with the skull on it. Inside the bonus round collect 50 coins. You can now play as the Minotaur
Jackal: Play through the second level of the ice world. At the end, on top of the pile of crates, there is a trapdoor at a dead end. The trapdoor is found by climbing the slanted crates to the top, then circle around until you get a chance to go back down. From there, climb the other set of slanted crates, located before the exit, and standing atop the traapdoor. Inside the door, collect 50 coins. You can now play as the Jackal
Falconess: Go to the Treasury in the Castle and finish it until about the end. The trap door is in a corner up a few stairs. Once in, collect 50 coins. Then finish the stage. You can now play as the Falconess
Tigeress: Go to the Town Fields. Find all the main switches and head to the portal. When you reach the portal backtrack a little bit till you reach a hill with a chest, a switch, and death on it. Avoid death and hit the switch. Head in the position the switch is pointing and you will be lead to some zombies and the trap door. Stand on the trap door and collect 50 coins. You can now play as the Tigeress.
Sumner: Get all of the shards and beat the 1st Skorne. Let the doors to the battlefield realm open and go to the first level of the realm. When you get near to the exit go to the left when you get to the ramp leading to the exit. You will find the gate which contains the treasure room & a skeleton dog kennel. The switch for this gate is back a bit, you have to go up a ramp to hit the switch. Go back & the gate should be open. Get 50 Sumner coins in the area. It will be hard to see,because you only have a small light radius, just follow the path. You can now play as the Sumner.

Funny Names:
Enter your name as "Sumner" or "Skorne" on the change name screen. If done correctly, you will hear a strange noise. After this, your name will change into something interesting like " Q#.@" or "#Z!*#" which cannot even be entered.

Unlimited "time stop" and "shrink"
When you are about to die activate "time stop" or "shrink". After you die continue and go to the level you want. This code will not deactivate until you turn the "time stop" or "shrink" on again or you quit.

Rapid Fire trick
Find an enemy. Walk up to him, and attack him by walking into him. Right after you start attacking him, hold Z. Then turn around and start walking. If done correctly, you will be walking very slow and firing very fast. This is good for killing large groups of guys without magic or turbo (this doesn't even use turbo!). Try doing this around generators. Sometimes, when you are walking slowly around like that, if you watch a generator, you will see that the guys are hit by you right after they come out, even though you are not aiming at them. I have gotten this to happen to me with 3 generators at once. I watched my experience screen, and could hear and see 3 distinct rhythmatic hits every second or so. Very good for quick leveling up. Also try doing this on scorpions or other small creatures. Then you get to walk around very slowly kicking air. Very odd.

Game Shark Codes
Here are the N64 Game Shark codes for Gauntlet Legends.
Note: You have to have a Game Shark that is version 3.2 or higher to use this code. If you cannot use this code, then you must turn the Code Generator on every time you use the Game Shark with this game. However, if you can use this code, then you never have to use the Code Generator.

Enable Code [Note]: EE000000 0000

Player 1 Codes
Infinite Health: 810C5C54 0000/ 810C5C56 270F
Max Health: 810C5C64 0000/ 810C5C66 270F
Max Strength: 810C5C04 0000 /810C5C06 FFFF
Max Speed: 810C5C14 0000/ 810C5C16 FFFF
Max Magic: 810C5C24 0000/ 810C5C26 FFFF
Max Armor: 810C5C34 0000/ 810C5C36 FFFF
Level 99: 810C5C44 0000/ 810C5C46 0063

Player 2 Codes
Infinite Health: 810C6054 0000/ 810C6056 270F
Max Health: 810C6064 0000/ 810C6066 270F
Max Strength: 810C6004 0000/ 810C6006 270F
Max Speed: 810C6014 0000/ 810C6016 270F
Max Magic: 810C6024 0000/ 810C6026 270F
Max Armor: 810C6034 0000/ 810C6036 270F
Level 99: 810C6044 0000/ 810C6046 270F

Player 3 Codes
Infinite Health: 810C6454 0000/ 810C6456 270F
Max Health: 810C6464 0000/ 810C6466 270F
Max Strength: 810C6404 0000/ 810C6406 270F
Max Speed: 810C6414 0000/ 810C6416 270F
Max Magic: 810C6424 0000/ 810C6426 270F
Max Armor: 810C6434 0000/ 810C6436 270F
Level 99: 810C6444 0000/ 810C6446 270F

Player 4 Codes
Infinite Health: 810C6854 0000/ 810C6856 270F
Max Health: 810C6864 0000/ 810C6866 270F
Max Strength: 810C6804 0000/ 810C6806 270F
Max Speed: 810C6814 0000/ 810C6816 270F
Max Magic: 810C6824 0000/ 810C6826 270F
Max Armor: 810C6834 0000/ 810C6836 270F
Level 99: 810C6844 0000/ 810C6846 270F

Here are the Playstation Game Shark codes for Gauntlet Legends.

Codes Made & Tested on 3.2 Version Cheat Device
1 Infinite Potions (On Pickup) D00289B4 00F4/800289B6 2400
2 Infinite Breath's (On Pickup) D0028344 00FC/80028346 2400/D0025970 00FC/80025972 2400
3 Infinite Throwing Weapons (On Pickup) D0025314 00FC/80025316 2400/D00252B0 00FC/800252B2 2400
4 Infinite Status Ailment Changes (On Pickup) D00254A4 012C/800254A6 2400
5 Infinite Earth Quakes (On Pickup) D0025D28 0228/80025D2A 2400
6 Super Weapons/Powerups Enabler Code [Note 1] D0027754 0003/80027756 1000

Player 1 Codes
7 Infinite Health 80096DBC 270F
8 Max Health 80096DC0 270F
9 Level 99 80096DC4 0063
10 Infinite Gold 80096DC8 FFFF
11 Experience Modifier 80096DCC ????(any values)
12 Max Armor 80096DD4 270F
13 Max Speed 80096DD8 270F
14 Max Fight Power 80096DE0 270F
15 Max Shot Power 80096DE8 270F
16 Infinite Keys 80096DF8 0063
17 Super Weapons/Powerups [Note 2] (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) D0096E38 0000/5000210C 0000/80096E38 000F
18 Have Falconess 80096FF0 0000
19 Have Jackal 80096FF8 0001
20 Have Minotaur 80097000 0001
21 Have Tigress 80097008 0001

Player 2 Codes
22 Infinite Health 80097638 270F
23 Max Health 8009763C 270F
24 Level 99 80097640 0063
25 Infinite Gold 80097644 FFFF
26 Experience Modifier 80097648 ????(any values)
27 Max Armor 80097650 270F
28 Max Speed 80097654 270F
29 Max Fight Power 8009765C 270F
30 Max Shot Power 80097664 270F
31 Infinite Keys 80097674 0063
32 Super Weapons/Powerups [Note 2] (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) D00976B4 0000/5000210C 0000/800976B4 000F
33 Have Falconess 8009786C 0000
34 Have Jackal 80097874 0001
35 Have Minotaur 8009787C 0001
36 Have Tigress 80097884 0001
Note 1: With this code, it makes it so you can always pickup Weapons/Powerups. It is best used with the Super Weapons/Powerups code to have all Weapons/Powerups. Note 2: With these codes, they must be used with the Super Weapons/Powerups Enabler Code. Otherwise, once one person picks up a Weapon/Powerup to give that player all the Weapons/Powerups, when the next person tries to pick one up, it will say your already at max. The Enabler Code gets around this and makes it work.