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Legend Weapons

This section is about the legend weapons and where they are located. I will tell you what stage they are in and a detailed description on how to locate them.

Scimtar of Rasha
Realm:Warrior's Mountain
Level:Volcanic Cavern
Effective on:Chimera
For awhile you have no choice but to follow the path you start on, when you see an open area with a red barrel continue straight. Shoot the big blue stone ahead to reveal a switch, return to the red barrel area and take the other path. Walk straight across the make-shift bridge to a barrel, break it and hit the switch underneath, then go right. Follow this path until the road forks (there are 4 red barrels), here go left. In the next "room" go down, shoot the rock, hit the switch, then go up. Next room, go left, shoot the mountain wall, go in, hit the switch, go back to the right. If you get to the exit, you've gone too far, back up one "room" go down, then go right. There is a switch under a barrel here,hit it, step on the rock it raises, grab the Scimitar of Rasha.

Ice Axe of Untar
Realm:Valkyrie's Castle
Level:Castle Treasury
Effective on:Dragon
Shoot through the cracked wall to the left of the start, hit the switch and continue up. At the bottom of the stairs to the basement, shoot the corner to reveal a switch, hit it an continue. There is a second hidden switch directly where the first switch is pointing and another switch below, hit both. Return to the starting position and go right, turn down (away from the teleporter) go through the locked door and shoot the wall in the back, hit that switch and the switch to the left, return to the starting point. This time go right and step on the teleporter, then the next teleporter. Hit the switch on the throne and go left, in the next room go up. You'll end up in a room with the Ice Axe of Untar and a bunch of switches, hit them all (three of them are hidden behind a panel at the top of the elevator like platform, just shoot the panel), don't worry about the Ice Axe yet. After hitting all the switches (the last one drops the 4 columns) go back to the room before (go down) then go to the left of that room. Step on the teleporter, follow the path, hit the switch under barrel and go back and get the Ice Axe of Untar.

Scroll of Tarkana
Realm:The Skytown
Level:Venomous Spire
Effective on:Yeti
Go down and left, shoot the door on the house, hit the switch. Go back to the start, go through the locked door. Head to the rear-left of this area and go up the ramp, at the split in the ramp, cross the bridge. Follow the platform until it ends, go left and down (the ramp may be hard to see, but it's there). At the bottom of the ramp go down/right and start shooting, you'll uncover a switch. Hit the switch and go back up the ramp to the previously locked door, there is a switch there now, hit it and go back down the ramp. NOTE: there are two ramps, you may use either of them any time I say "use the ramp." Go straight down from the ramp endings through the previously locked door then go left. Shoot the door of the house and hit the switch, go back to the ramps, go up the one on the right (not the one you came in) turn right and continue down the path and cross the bridge. Go right and up the second ramp, at the top, turn left, hit the switch and go back down the ramp. The switch in the grate should now be raised, hit it and go back up the ramp, this time go right. Hit a third switch go back down the ramp again go down/right from the ramp base to find a final switch. Finally go back up the ramp and to the right, unlock a door and go through. At the end of this path you'll hit a large building, turn to the right and shoot to open a secret switch, hit it and continue to the left up the path, all the way to the top. You'll find a series of switch here, hit all of them, after that run back down the spiral. You'll see a wooden platform off the side eventually, hit the switch there watch the wall drop behind you, shoot the dirt mound on the left, hit the switch and another platform rises. Hit the switch on there, return to the hole in the wall, hit that switch and take the Scroll of Tarkana

Marker's Javelin
Realm:Ice Domain
Level:Errupting Fissure
Effective on:Plague Fiend
Follow the path for a long time, eventually you will go down a winding plank road, keep going still, past the waterfall, just keep going. Eventually the road splits up and down, go down. Hit the switch to lower the platform, take it up and go left, cross the golden bridge like thing, hit the switch here then go back to the right. Go through the locked door, there will be a Golem, kill it and continue, go down the wooden path. There is a 2P switch to the left of the base, hit it and cross the bridge. Follow until you hit another switch (by a bunch of wolves, then go down to a wooden plank bridge, cross it. Stay on the lower path, eventually you'll get to a teleporter, use it, ignore the switch at the bottom, cross the bridge and continue through the locked door. The road will split, take the higher path. Go straight after crossing the bridge, around the ice, hit the switch under the barrel, then return back up the hill, go left, cross the bridge, go down, hit the switch. Now return to where the water was running (where you just hit the switch under the barrel, go up into the water and take the Marker's Javelin.

Soul Saviour
Effective on:Last Skorne
Shoot the wooden panel to the left, hit the switch, continue. There is another switch like this ahead, hit it and go back, follow the trail of enemies if you didn't see the locked door before, go through here, you'll see the weapon, you can't get it for awhile. When you reach the bottom of the ramp, shoot the crates, one will have a switch under it. Hit that switch and follow where it points, there is another switch there. Hit this one and go back up the ramp partially, a wall will have dropped opening a new switch, go back down the ramp. Hit the three switches down here now and go back up, past the weapon back to the beginning. You'll see a new switch, hit it and continue to where it points. Stand on the platform that led to nowhere before and it will drop. There are two switches in the pit, hit them and follow where they point. There will be a large cage surrounding another switch, shoot the walls of the cage, one will open, hit the switch and continue. After hitting all the switches, return to the weapon area and grab the Soul Saviour.