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Gauntlet Treasure Rooms

In this page I will talk about the secret bonus levels which are called treasure rooms that you will encounter in the game. In these rooms you can pick up different types of gold which are in the form of coins. You can pick up bronze coins worth 50 gold. You can pick up silver coins worth 100 gold. You can also pick up gold coins which are worth the most at 500 gold. These rooms are hidden well and you will have to explore the levels to discover them. I will tell their names, which level they are found on and how to find them.

Mountain Realm

Gauntlet Treasure Room:CavesAt the beginning of the level, go right. Go up and to the right. Look for a treasure chest with an invisibility in it. From there go right and then up. The secret stage is in a little room. In it is two barrels, a treasure chest containing death, an elemental/golem. The door to the treasure room looks like a door with a G on it

Castle Realm

Space Station:CastleBypass the first exit. Go past the bridge. If by yourself you will have to go down and come back on the other side. After getting past the bridge keep on going on the path until you find a locked room containing an elemental/golem. The door to the treasure room looks like a door with a star on it

Forest Realm

Psychedelic Stun Chamber:SwampAfter the first exit, go to the gate. Open it and walk down until you reach an intersection. Choose the left path and continue walking until you come to a plateau that has an elemental/golem and a disappearing bridge operated by a trap switch pad. Cross the bridge destroy the barrel you see. It contains an anti death power. You will need it because you will meet him later on. The door to the treasure room looks like a door with a mushroom in it

Desert Realm

Gauntlet Lab:TombWhen you start go up the stairs and go past the first intersection and stop at the second intersection. Walk up the wall until you reach a spike trap. Then activate the trap switch. Then go back to the first intersection you came across that you passed. Go on the right path and go down the slope and on the left will be a room where the gate fell down when you stepped on the trap switch. Walk into the room and head for the top left corner. The door to the treasure room looks like a door with an atari symbol on it