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This section is about the obelisks and where they are located. I will tell you what stage they are in and a detailed description on how to locate it.

Warrior's Mountain
Valley of Fire: At the beginning go to the bridge on the right, not through the locked door near the top of the screen. At the end of the bridge is a switch, hit it to raise the first obelisk.

Dagger Peak: Take the lower path at the start, follow it around until you see two generators, between these is a rock-like covering. Just beyond this is a split in the road with 3 ways to go, go to top-right. At the next split, take the upper path. At the top is an obelisk just sitting nicely in the corner.

Cliffs of Desolation: Take the upper path, it leads straight the third obelisk.

Valkyrie's Castle
Castle Courtyard:Go down, hit the switch, go through the door, go right, hit the switch in the corner, go back left and through the locked door. At the end of the hallway turn left, then go down you'll see a bunch of sticks in the ground, go around to the backside, walk in, then go to the left, up the ramp and continue. Go up the long stairway, turn left and walk to the corner opening behind the locked door, go in, hit the switch and continue. There is a 2-player switch here, if you're fast step on it and run forward, otherwise you need to go all the way around. Alternately, stand on the switch until an enemy steps on the bridge, then you can run across. When across, go down the stairs on the other side go left at the bottom, shoot the rock, step on the switch. Then, continue along the path, through the winding hedges until you reach a second switch, after hitting it go back to the stairs and go up. Open the corner room, kill the Golem hit the switch, continue. After walking awhile, you'll reach some stairs going down, in the tower to the left of those is a hidden switch, make sure to get it, then continue on the path. Hit the switch in the first corner room, then continue. In the second corner room is the Obelisk.

Dungeon of Torment: At the stairs, go down not straight, hit a hidden wall panel at the base to reveal a switch. Get the money in the corner to hit a second switch, go back up, take the stairs you skipped before. At the base of these stairs, go down to hit another switch. Go back to the other stairs and go down those again, cross the acid pool at the bottom this time. Hit all the switches you see, cross over using the 2 player switch and hit the switch there too. Go down from that switch to hit a 3rd switch, then go up through the gate and turn left, hit the switch on the bridge and continue, you should be back and the 2 sets of stairs. Cross the room and go up the stairs, when you see two sets of stairs, take the upper route. Turn right, hit the switch continue to the next room, here, cross the bridge. Turn left and go up the stairs. Hit the switch you see on the right, go back to the bridge, hit the switch there now go where it points to get the Obelisk.

The Skytown
Poisoned Fields: When you first start, turn around and go to the right, you'll see a tree stump, shoot it to reveal a switch. Hit the switch and cross the bridge, search this area for an Obelisk, it is the rear-right corner of this area.

Haunted Cemetery:Hit the switch under the barrel on the left, go up through the gates, hit the switch under the barrel in the middle of the back of the group of gravestones, this will open the gate to the next area at the top, go there. The switches around the gravestones just raise some graves to give you items. Follow this path until you reach another set of gravestones, the switch you need to hit is in the rear-middle again, behind a tree. There is a switch is the small house in the right-hand part of this area which raises some graves to give more items. Go to the left when you are ready. Follow this path until you get stopped, on the left is a switch which opens a path to the right, go there. Hitting the switch under the barrel in here opens the door that was locked before, go through that door. Here, shoot the doors on either side of you to open up items and switches. Continue on the path. Eventually you'll end up in a huge open grass area, go as far left as possible, there will be another house, BEHIND it, not in it, is the Obelisk.