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Welcome to my Gauntlet Legends site. It contains things that you would want to know about this fantastic game. Have you ever played the original classics Gauntlet and Gauntlet 2? If you have you would remember the fun it was. Now there has been news of a sequel being released for the arcades in 1999 and a version scheduled for the Playstation & N64 for Late 1999. It is now in the arcades, so you should go out and play it now. If you are too lazy to go to the arcades you will have to wait till the PSX and N64 versions come out which will be in Spring this year. It is a total remake of the classic Gauntlet and Gauntlet 2. It is now in 3D and there are more items, bosses and it has a storyline. If you like RPG's, action, like to spend money or have played the original Gauntlets and enjoyed them, YOU NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!

Let me say that this site is an unofficial one. It doesn't have the approval of Atari. Atari owns everything associated with Gauntlet Legends. I made this website to help others. This is made from my information from playing the game, from friends who also play and from other websites. I recommend going to Midway's site which is found in the links section.

I don't go to arcades much. I probably go about twice a month maybe more or less. One day I saw this machine with a new game sign on it. A few people were playing it. The game was called Gauntlet Legends. I remembered the other previous Gauntlets and thought this should be just as good. This game is better than good, it's brilliant. Gauntlet Legends has had a few changes from the previous Gauntlets. The main things I saw from my first look was that it was in 3-D and there was a new button, the turbo button. The people playing were all level 1(Warrior, Wizard and Archer) so I watched them play until I had to go. I came back a few days later and since there wasn't anyone playing I started a new game. The first time I played I used 1 credit and died on the first stage. Then I played a couple more times and got to the third stage. A few days later I came back and finished the Mountain realm but I didn't know where the rune stones were. Let's get off the topic about my first experience and onto something else. I haven't been playing a lot, so my characters aren't very good. I didn't know about secret characters so that's why I haven't used one yet, but now I know because I looked it up on the Internet. I also found out that Gauntlet Legends is coming to the PSX and N64. I can't wait for that.

Sorry, but I can't play Gauntlet Legends anymore until it comes to the Playstation and Nintendo 64. My local arcade has taken away and all my characters were on it, so I have decided to give up playing until I buy it when it comes to the consoles. I will update this site more when I have bought the game.

I have now decided to update more because the release of Gauntlet Legends is coming soon to Australia. Check the news & updates page for further updates & news.

Also don't forget to sign the guestbook. Come back & visit me for more updates.
WARNING: My site contains information from the arcade game not the N64 version. Wait for the N64 information soon once I get it!! I will add a sign so you can tell the arcade info from the console info.

Well I've bought the N64 version so I can do all the stuff for it.