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This section tells you strategies on how to beat each boss and how hard they are and my opinion of them.

Mighty Dragon

This is the boss of the Mountain Realm. The dragon attacks are a fireball attack, fire breath, leg stomp and a wing slash. There are rocks which you can hide behind them but they will break when it gets hit a certain number of times. There are also a few items at the dragon's legs but get them at your own risk. The dragon's fireball attack has 2 forms. A direct one and a wide shot one. The direct one does a lot of damage if it hits but has a short radius. The wide shot has a wide radius but doesn't do much damage. He starts shooting more fireballs when the dragon is close to dying. You will know when is going to use a fireball when its head moves towards you. It only uses its fire breath when you are near it.

Strategy: When it attacks, you run, when it isn't attacking, use ranged attacks. Use Level 3 turbo attacks to stun it and get items and attack it more. If you have money buy 3 way shot, rapid fire and reflective shield. Reflective Shield will bounce the direct hit fireball back to the dragon.

My Opinion: This boss is actually hard when you are at a low level. When you get to a higher level he is really easy. Just run and attack and you won't take too much damage.

Difficulty: Hard for beginners, Easy for intermediates and Medium for experts.

Fearsome Chimera

This is the boss of the Castle Realm. The Chimera has three heads which have their own indiviual health bars. Your attack seem to do more damage than with the dragon. Each head shoots a specific type of energy. The Snake head shoots Acid, the Lion head shoots Fire and the Eagle head shoots Electricity. They each also have their own breath attack if you get too close. If one head is close too dying it wil start to shoot faster like the dragon. If you kill one head, the other heads go crazy and shoot faster.

Strategy: Same as dragon. Stay on one side so only one head shoots at you. If you stay in the middle two or three heads might shoot at you. Do not use close ranged attacks because it will use its breath attack on you and you cannot hit it because it is on a platform. If you have money buy 3 way shot, rapid fire and reflective shield(2 if you can afford it).

My Opinion: This boss was easier than the dragon. Just stay too one side and attack one head and you will not take much damage.

Difficulty: Easy

Wicked Spider Queen

This is the boss of the Forest Realm. The Spider Queen attacks by shooting webs which slow you down if you step on it, Acid fireballs, whip and a stampede.

Strategy: Run around on the outer edge of the web, attacking when she isn't. Use level 3 turbo whenevr you have the chance. Buy 3 way shot, rapid fire, firewall shield and 2 gold invulnerabilities or buy 3 way shot, rapid fire, reflective shield and 9 potions.

My Opinion: Other people say she is hard but I thought she was easy. She hardly attacked me at all, only using her webs and acid fireballs. Maybe its the way I play. I just ran on the outside edge of the web and attacked when her acid fireball just went past me. Just do this and you will not take much damage.

Difficulty: Hard(for me it was easy)

Evil Genie

The Genie is the boss of the Desert Realm. His attacks are a eye beam sweep, eye fireball, tornadoes and a sword slash.

Startegy: Stay on the stairwell leading to the bottom level and attack from there. When he does his eye beam sweep, run to the bottom floor. Be careful because he will sword slash any one on that level. As soon as you run down, run back to the same spot. When he uses his eye fireballs and tornadoes run. Buy reflective shield(2 if possible), 9 potions(a necessity), 3 way shot and rapid fire. Use potions to stun him and attack him while he is stunned.

My Opinion: His eye beam sweep does tons of damage so try and avoid at all costs. Isn't that hard but also isn't easy.

Difficulty: Medium

Skorne:Alter of Skorne

Skorne is the boss of the Alter of Skorne and the Throne of Skorne. The first Skorne attacks by fireballs(Acid, Lightning, Fire)and a earthquake like fist slam.

Strategy: Run away from the fireballs. Start running in anticipation to his fist slam. Both attacks do alot of damage.

My Opinion: This guy is very hard. Run away from his attacks because they do massive damage.

Difficulty: Very Hard

Skorne:Throne of Skorne

Skorne is the boss of the Alter of Skorne and the Throne of Skorne. He has two new attacks this time round. His new ones are a chest beam and a face beam.

Strategy: Same as first one. Don't go near edges because you can fall of and die. Buy two or more gold invulnerabilities, nine potions, 3 way shot and rapid fire.

My Opinion: Very Hard. Attacks do tons of damage. Watch out you don't fall because you die if you do.

Difficulty: Very Hard