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History & Background

Here are some facts about Gauntlet Legends:

Gauntlet was originally released in 1985, and went on to become a player favorite in multiple arcade and home platform releases. The basic play of Gauntlet Legends is similar to the original. Up to four players at a time can explore the worlds, facing hordes of monsters, searching for treasure, avoiding traps, picking up and using magic, and making their way to the exits. In addition, players now have bosses to contend with, runestones to find, experience levels to boost, puzzles to solve, tons of new power-ups to discover, and a complete storyline to enjoy. Each of the four main worlds is inhabited by 13 different unique characters, including the boss. This breaks down as follows: 2 levels squishy small ground-dwelling guys (spiders, scorpions, snakes, or rats); 3 levels of goblin or lizard-like grunt; 3 levels of unique level-specific denizen (lava guys, tree guys, undead, or ghost armor); 1 unique golem; 1 unique suicide bomber, 1 lobber, 1 archer; 1 unique boss. In total, there will be well over 50 different types of enemies a player can face, all with their own unique intelligence and behavior patterns.

Things carried over from the original Gauntlet

- Four player play
- Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard character classes. The Elf is gone, replaced by the Archer
- Returning: food, chests, traps, monster generators, magic, teleports, gold, Death, IT, transporters, some power-ups
- Gone: Thief and Sorcerer
- Magic and fight buttons

New innovations

- Fully 3-D playfield, with stairs, moving elevators, surrounding ledges, intricate hidden areas, secret rooms and multiple levels of play
- Character advancement. This is one of the coolest video game features ever! Characters get better the more they are played by gaining experience points. Up to 99 levels of experience can be gained and stored using passwords
- Character attributes. Each character class has ratings for strength, armor, magic, and speed. These all increase with experience level and can be augmented with gold
- As players gain levels, the characters actually change subtly, with the addition of better weapons, and they can gain flying "familiars" which add to their firepower!
- Four full worlds of play, with a fifth a secret "boss" world at the end
- New Archer character class. A female replaces the original sexually-ambiguous elf
- For each character class there are four distinct color-coded versions of that character - one for each kingdom
- Bosses
- Hidden characters
- Good Wizard - this "narrator" character appears after each boss level to guide players
- Turbo button - for use in melee fighting (special moves) and with Magic
- Special moves. Each character has at least three classes of specials that inflict heavier damage. The specials are activated with the fight and turbo buttons
- Multiple uses of Magic using Turbo button
- Rune Stones. To get into the last world and beat the demon super boss, players will need to find all 12 Rune Stones
- Tons of new power-ups - 35 in all!
- The Shop
- Monster progression - tougher monsters are added as you get deeper into the worlds
- Passwords
- Suicide Bombers
- Detailed storyline cinematics


- 3Dfx Vegas board-set built around Voodoo II. - Characters automatically run when a joystick is positioned in one direction
- 49-position joystick for ultimate precision