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Here is where you find the walkthrough for the game. This walkthrough will lead throughout the game & tell you how to finish it.

Warrior's Mountain
Valley of Fire: As your adventure begins, there is only one portal open. Proceed through the red gateway and stand on the only available portal (marked I). The Stage's name will appear in your status bar and you will soon be transported to the Valley of Fire.
1.Immediately take out the nearby grunt generator by targeting the exploding barrel next to it. Clean up any rogue Grunts and move south to poke around.
2.South of the bridge, you'll find a key, a chest of gold, and two barrels: one empty and one containing a magic potion. Don't shoot the magic potion once the barrel is open.
3.Just north of the bridge, a locked gate sits to the left of another key. Do not open this gate.
4.Fight your way across the bridge. Note the Obelisk below the bridge.
5.Eliminate that Grunt generator before proceeding. This is a great time to try out your Level 3 Turbo Attack.
6.Explore to find a Fire Amulet. It will be automatically turned on when you pick it up, so turn it off now by pressing R. You can switch it back on when you need it by pressing R again.
7.Approach the stairs and step on the switch . Don't confuse the switch with the fire trap on the right. The switch is red with an arrow on it, the trap is also red and periodically spews fire into the air. When you step on the switch, the Obelisk rises from the river.
8.Touch the Obelisk and it changes from gray to beige as it activates. Sumner congratulates you on finding one of his Obelisks. There are two more in the Mountain World; touching all three opens the Castle World.
9.Climb the stairs, grab the key, and follow the path west. Shatter the barrel and pick up a Fire Breath power-up(switch it off).
10.Mow down a line of Grunts and their generator and read the scroll nearby.
11.Climb the steps to the east. Cut through the sea of Grunts(Fire Breath works great on crowds) and knock out the generator.
12.One barrel hides a pile of gold and a chest yields more gold. A key to the left of a locked gate comes in handy immediately.
13.Climb the stairs, pick up a key, and turn left to face a strong contingent of grunts. Knock them out and unlock the nearby door. Pause here to recharge your Turbo to full strength.
14.Climb the stairs (watch out for the fire trap on the wall) and turn to face your largest opposition so far. Cut through the crowd of grunts to quickly disable the generator on the left. A barrel on this side contains a key, while a chest holds a magic potion.
15.On the other side of this area, knock out the other generator.
16.Break open a barrel and step on the switch to open the door nearby.
17.Avoid the fire trap and climb the next set of stairs. Take the Bowman out first.
18.Next, go after the generator to the right. Open the chest and crack open one of the barrels for a Speed Boost power-up.
19.Head up the next flight of stairs to a generator of large Grunts.
20.Continue up the stairs and hop onto the exit portal to return to the Tower.

Dagger Peak: Enter the Mountain World gate numbered II to access the next Stage. 1.Knock out the Grunt generator behind you and gather the magic potion and key.
2.Open the chest for a 3-Way Shot power-up.
3.Be ready to fire up the path to the right (the lower one) as a Grunt Kamikaze comes tearing down. Hit him from afar before he gets into range.
4.Grab the other key and break open the barrel for a dose of poisoned food. To use this dastardly apple to your benefit, break open a magic potion and the food will turn to healthy fruit. Only use precious potions for this if you really need the food.
5.Follow the lower path (the one without the locked door) to the east and dismantle the Grunt generator.
6.Fire at the odd looking stone and a switch will be revealed. Press it and a door further down the pass becomes accessible.
7.Continue along the pass until you come to a clearing with another generator, a barrel containing a scroll, and a chest full of treasure.
8.When you come to a fork, go right.
9.Round the corner and grab a key before splintering a Grunt generator along the path.
10.Snag the Rapid Fire power-up in the barrel and take the high road, but don't unlock the door. Just grab the food and return to the generator.
11.Take the path to the left--the one headed west that you ignored the first time--until you come to another Grunt generator.
12.Take the path south and shatter a barrel for a bite of food.
13.Follow the path up the steep hill to the north.
14.As you reach the top of the hill, watch your right for an incoming Grunt Kamikaze. Once he's gone boom, deal with the generator. Don't break the barrel yet!
15.Pick up the key and touch the Obelisk. Note the big rocky head sticking out from the wall. A switch further down the road opens this secret place.
16.Break open the barrel and immediately use a magic potion. Potions banish Death instantly. Also, note that you should leave this barrel alone if you've already spent your magic potions.
17.As you pass through the lowered door (deactivated when you touched the hidden switch, pick the Bowman out of the crowd and off him. Move quickly, however, to avoid the fire of a Bomber lurking above.
18.Chop the two generators and pocket the key in the corner before going up the path to the northwest.
19.Deal with the generator at the top of the hill and slash the barrel for another key.
20.Corner the Bowman and take the Player Growth power-up that's by a sealed door.
21.Continue southwest along the path and beat up a Grunt generator and grab a snack.
22.Heading north from the food, go up a steep hill. Don't go over the crest of the hill, however, unless you have a full Turbo charge.
23.As you come over the hill, a large rock becomes a Stone Golem. Unleash your best Turbo Attack and retreat down the hill to fire at him from afar as he chases you. Don't get too close or he'll send you flying.
24.Once the Stone Golem is gravel, return to where you met him. If you didn't already take out the Grunt generator there, do it now. Snag a key and open a chest to find a scroll. In the northwest corner, attack the destructible dirt mound to reveal a switch that opens the sealed door you saw most recently.
25.Head east along the lower of the two trails, past the door, until you see an oddly colored piece of wall. Attack it to reveal a Runestone.
26.Continue east to a clearing. Pound the Grunt generator and open the two chests for a stash of gold and a magic potion. Whack the dirt mound in the middle of the clearing to reveal a hidden switch.
27.Return to the stone head. You will find the head's mouth open and a pile of gold along side a barrel containing a Levitation power-up.
28.Return to where you met the Stone Golem and take the high road east. Tackle a Large Grunt generator. Here the path splits. Take the lower route first.
29.Nail the Grunt Bomber.
30.Backtrack and take the high road to a key, a chest full of gold, and the exit portal.