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Level Descriptions

In this section I will tell you detailed descriptions of each level. Gauntlet Legends has five fully 3-D worlds, each packed with intricate and mesmerizing levels. Climb high into the branches of the most massive tree you could ever conceive; descend into the depths of great Castle; withstand the volcanic inferno deep within the heart of the Mountain realm, or venture into the fantastic Pyramid of the Desert world. Not to mention the "secret" fifth world of Skorne's Cathedral. There are 25 levels total across the four realms, each one a lavish multi-level masterpiece. There are 3 runestones in each realm. There is also 1 hidden treasure room in each realm containg lots of gold. You have to defeat the boss at the end of the realm to proceed to other realms. When you have collected all four boss keys a new realm will open up. This is the temple realm. After that if you have collected all 12 rune stones another new realm will open up. This is the underworld realm.

Mountain Realm

The mountain realm is the easiest realm out of the four realms. The boss of this realm is the Mighty Dragon. This realm gives you the most food. You should be able to survive for a long time here. Gold is decent but not the best. Watch out for rock monsters, bombers, archers and kamikazes because you don't want to take to much damage. There are rune stones in these levels: Peak, Cliffs and the Cavern. The treasure room is in the Caves level.

Stage 1: The Valley of Fire
Stage 2: Dagger Peak
Stage 3: The Cliffs of Desolation
Stage 4: The Lost Cave
Stage 5: The Volcanic Cavern
End stage: The Dragon's Lair

The Mountain world is hot and hellish, filled with the fire and brimstone of the Dragon's lair. Goblins, fire scorpions, lava demons and rock golems call the mountain world their home. The first two stages take place on the Mountain face, as players work their way up Dagger Peak, through the narrow passages carved by years of hard work. Players then venture across the Cliffs of Desolation, clinging to the narrow pathways above the yawning chasms below. As players cross the Lava bridge, they know they are getting close to the Lost Cave. Look for a hidden Rune Stone near the lava bridge. The Lost Cave is home to a strange species of lava demon. Here the demons thrive, building immense nests and enjoying the sulfur smell of the fetid springs that feed the cave. Finally players enter the awesome Volcanic Cavern, where fragile networks of hardened lava link together far above the boiling magma. Prelude to the showdown with the great Dragon, the Cavern is a truly memorable experience. The great Dragon, who had been in hiding for almost a thousand years, has conspired with Skorne to vanquish the human race from the Mountain Realm. By defeating him, the Warrior will assume his rightful place as heir to the throne of the Mountain Kingdom.

Castle Realm

The castle realm is the next stage you go on to. It is the easier of the 2 medium levels. The boss of this realm is the Fearsome Chimera. Lots of money and lots of opputunities to earn experience here. Watch out again for the rock monsters, archers, bombers and kamikazes. The rune stones are found in these levels: Dungeon, Armoury and the Treasury. The treausure room is found in the Castle level.

Stage 1: Castle Courtyard
Stage 2: The Dungeon of Torment
Stage 3: The Tower Armory
Stage 4: The Castle Treasury
End stage: The Chimera's Keep

Honor and virtue are stalwarts of the people who live in the Castle Realm. Now it has been overrun with hoary goblins, a plague of giant rats, and armor that has come to life. As players venture through the once mighty keep, secrets of the castle will unfold before them. Descending into the dungeon, players will witness the now horrifying torture rooms where citizens bravely, but futilely, defy Skorne's edicts. The Armory and Treasury are testament to the riches of this once great land, now laid waste by the minions of darkness. Only by confronting the Chimera in his keep will the Valkyrie and her allies purge this realm of the rampant grip of Skorne once and for all.

Forest Realm

The forest realm is the harder of the 2 medium levels. The boss of this realm is the Wicked Spider Queen. The mobs of enemies are harder to kill now. Not much food found here. Watch out for plenty of rock monsters, acid barrels, high perched archers and bombers. Lots of swinging traps. The rune stones are found on these levels: Roots, Tree and Branches. The treasure room is found on the Swamp level.

Stage 1: The Acid Swamp
Stage 2: The Twisted Roots of Evil
Stage 3: The Ancient Tree
Stage 4: The Gnarled Branches
End stage: The Web of the Queen Spider

Dominated by the One Tree, the Forest realm was home to the lithe elves, masters of the bow. Now desecrated by Skorne's hoards, the wild forest has been overrun with savage gnolls, lizardmen who wallow in squalor. Skorne has breathed life into the very tress themselves and imbued them with his essence, creating the evil Tree People. Spiders plague the land. The Acid Swamp is the starting point as players must negotiate the winding, twisting path through the constant danger of the lizard lair. The Twisted Roots of Evil climb upward, winding past now ruined elven colonies. The Ancient Tree has been twisted and reshaped by the engines of evil, a caricature of the beauty it once held. The Gnarled Branches are doorway to the lair of the Spider Queen, a hideous amalgam of man and creature that seeks to usurp the beauty of the Forest Realm for her own gain. The Archer, small but mighty, does not fear the awesome malevolence of the violently poisonous Queen.

Desert Realm

The desert realm is the hardest of the 4 realms. The boss of this realm is the Evil Genie. The mobs of enemies is hard and there aren't as many keys as chests and hardly any food. Watch out for kamikazes and the enemies that shoots out those purple plasma bolts. Use lots of magic here. There are alot of traps in this realm. The rune stones are found in these levels: Ruins, Temple and Pyramid. The treasure room is found on the Tomb level. It is the biggest treasure room. There is tons of money in there.

Stage 1: City Ruins
Stage 2: The Temple of the Magi
Stage 3: The Mystic Pyramid
Stage 4: The Tombs of the Undead
End stage: The Djinn's Sanctum

The Desert realm is built on mysticism and lore; a great city within a pyramid rising magically out of the scorching desert sands. Now black ogres and undead pour forth in infinite numbers from the ancient burial chambers of the dead, and a pestilence of cobras has enslaved the land. By venturing through the ancient City Ruins and descending into the sewers, players will be able to uncover one of the twelve hidden Rune Stones. Getting through the temple of the Magi is no mean feat, as the puzzles and traps of this maddening realm have driven powerful men to insanity. The Mystic Pyramid floats high in the sky, supported by the Column of Dreams. As long as there is hope left in the Realm, the Dreams will continue to flow. But under Skorne's rule, even the heartiest souls hopes have been crushed, and it is only a matter of time before the Pyramid crumbles into the sand. Finally, to get the powerful Djinn, players must pass through the mesmerizing Tombs of the Undead, which reek of the ancient secrets of death. Finally the Djinn; terrible master of evil magic. Freed from imprisonment by Skorne, only the Wizard and his allies can purge the Realm of the grip of Skorne.

The Temple and Underworld Realm

These realms only open when you have found the 12 rune stones and have the 4 keys. The boss of these realms is Skorne. The enemies are from all the other realms. Tons of enemies here and there are lots of chests but no keys and there is also no food. At the end of the Underworld Realm there are 3 stone statues at the exit. They are from the three heads of the Chimera.

Stage 1: The Desecrated Temple
End stage: The Altar of Skorne

The once beautiful cathedral is now a mocking testament to the horror of Skorne. Pay particular attention to the organist on the left side for insight into Skorne's depravity. You will have the first chance to defeat Skorne at his Altar; if you are victorious, you will be able to augment your powers with one of the artifacts of Skorne.

Stage 1: The Gates of the Underworld
End stage: The Throne of Skorne

Only by gathering all twelve of the Rune Stones will you be able to use the portal to the Underworld, dwelling place of Skorne. A twisted corridor of fire and fury, this is the final Gauntlet you must travel to defeat Skorne. Here Skorne's level 3 minions pour forth in endless numbers. Finally, the Throne of Skorne is the ultimate showdown for the restoration of the land of Gauntlet.