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Movement, Controls & Buttons

There are 3 buttons you use when you play Gauntlet Legends. There is an Attack button, a Turbo button and a Magic button. When you press the Attack button it either can be a hand to hand(melee)attack or a distance attack, depending how far away the monster is. When using hand to hand or melee attack you will use your weapon to attack someone right next to you. If the monster is far away, you will throw an energy replica of their weapon. You also can attack monsters by walking into them but I don't recommend doing this. Your Strength attribute determines how much damage a hit will deal. The next button is the magic button. When you press this you will use a magic potion that you have collected or bought. Potions come in 4 forms, green is acid, red is fire, blue is lightning and yellow is light. You can carry up to the maximum of 9 potions. The higher your magic attribute is the further the magic expands. The last button is the Turbo button. When you press it you will get a short burst of speed but you will lose some of your super bar. You can use this when surrounded by enemies to push your way out.

You can do special things when you press certain buttons together. When you press ATTACK and MAGIC you will throw the potion away from you. Very useful for clearing out areas witout going near. Also good against bosses. When you press TURBO and MAGIC you will make a magic shield that surrounds you. It will kill monsters that walk into you and protect you. If you have a high magic attribute it will last longer and have a bigger shield. Finally, pressing ATTACK and TURBO unleashes a super move. Depending on how much of your turbo bar is filled you will do a different move. If the bar is green it is a level 1 super(Turbo attack). If it is at the yellow it will be a level 2 super(radius attack). If it is up to the red it will be a level 3 super(Undirectional attack).